Oriador Staff Scheduling Software

Oriador staff scheduling software takes the pain out of employee scheduling, shift planning and staff rotations. With Oriador you can prepare and distribute the staff schedule easier and faster, saving time and money for your business and reducing stress for you.

Simple scheduling, no more spreadsheets:

Unlike traditional spreadsheet style staff scheduling software, Oriador has been developed from the ground up to provide an attractive, easy to use graphical interface for defining and maintaining schedules and work plans.

Simple Staff Scheduling

Oriador: simple, graphical staff scheduling

Flexible, powerful, easy to use:

Set Staff Shifts

change staff shifts quickly with toolbars

Oriador staff scheduling software (Oriador Rota) takes care of your staff schedules and rosters quickly and easily, leaving you with more time and energy for other, more important tasks. We know that producing rosters and dealing with scheduling conflicts is the kind of work that often gets taken home, and we really want to help you leave it at the office.

The finished schedule can be exported to the web or a company intranet, and using Microsoft's cloud offering OneDrive Weekly rota reports can be viewed on Tablets and SmartPhones (iPhone and Android).

While payroll or timesheet data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.


Download our software now for a free, fully functional 30 day trial.

Requires minimum Windows XP and .NET 4.0.

Fully operational on Windows 7 & 8, Windows Servers and Terminal Server.

More User Comments...

"I have looked at others and to date yours is the best."

"very easy to use."

"This is looking really good."

"Great product"

"I would definitely recommend your system to others."

Pricing Info

Oriador staff scheduling software (Oriador Rota) is available to buy online, and costs only US$649.