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Change hours by clicking and dragging

easy to use, click and drag staff scheduling

Oriador's simple graphical scheduling helps you change working hours and assignmentments in the schedule quickly and easily. Each member of staff has a fully customizable shift pattern, which you can extend to any length you need.

Change assignments with the toolbar

Change assigments with the roles toolbar

The flexible Roles system can be used to manage staff assignments, competencies, allocation or skills. Each role can be assigned a color, and you can use the Role toolbar to quckly and easily change assignments.

Update attendance and timesheet records

Update attendance and timesheet records

After the event, you can update the schedule with attendance or timesheet records. Oriador gives you complete control over your paid hours, each unit on the timeline can be paid, unpaid or can have an unpaid element. The calculated paid hour totals can also be updated for timesheets. Timesheet reports can be printed, or exported to excel or CSV files for payroll integration.

resource scheduling, at a glance staff allocations

At-a-glance indication of staffing levels

Switch to the Roles view for a flexible, at-a-glance indication of staffing levels. View assignment by staff group, payscale or employee type.

See exactly what everyone is doing, or combine the Staff Roles features with one of the Allowed Roles options to turn this view into a breakdown of available resources. This can be used to see all the skills and competencies of the staff you have working, or to find a suitable member of staff to bring in to fill a shortfall.

Change staff allocation quickly and easily

Change staff allocation quickly and easily

We have more features coming soon, and we would love to hear your suggestions and comments. Whatever you need from your staff scheduling software, please let us know.


Download our software now for a free, fully functional 45 day trial.

Requires Windows XP, 2000 or NT4, 128MB RAM, Pentium 3. The download should take ~2 min on broadband, up to 30 min dial-up.

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Pricing Info

Oriador staff scheduling software (Oriador Rota) is available to buy online, and costs US$549.

Multi-user license US$949