Oriador Staff Scheduling Software Download

You are about to download a fully functional trial version of our staff scheduling software, Oriador Rota. The trial version can be used for up to 45 days, completely free of charge. After the trial period, the software cannot be used without a valid license key.

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The download size is approximately 9MB, and should only take a couple of minutes on a broadband internet connection. If you're on dial-up, it might take about 30 minutes to download the software. This version works with Windows XP, 2000, 2003, or NT4. Windows Vista users need to download the Vista compatible version. Any modern PC should be able to run the software, we usually recommend a minimum of 128MB Ram and a Pentium 3 or higher processor (if you bought your PC in the last 3 years, you don't need to worry about this).

If you cannot download the file, please try this link to a .zip version of the download. If that also fails, please try downloading this uncompressed version (26MB).

If you think our server might be at fault, or it seems slow due to heavy load, you can now also download the file from Download.com, Oriador Staff Rota.

If you are unable to download the software for other reasons, perhaps due to security restrictions or lack of internet access, you can order the trial software on CD for $19.95. Note that the CD contains only the TRIAL software, you will still need to buy a license key to unlock the software for unlimited use.

Windows Vista Compatible Version

Download Oriador Staff Scheduling SoftwareClick here to download


If you have any questions or comments during your trial, please don't hesitate to email us at trial@oriador.com. We welcome all feedback, and our friendly staff are always happy to help you solve any problems you might have.

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"I have looked at others and to date yours is the best."

"very easy to use."

"This is looking really good."

"Great product"

"I would definitely recommend your system to others."

Pricing Info

Oriador staff scheduling software (Oriador Rota) is available to buy online, and costs US$549.

Multi-user license US$949